Is less really more? Taming my supplies 2021 part 1.

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It is true. I have finally admitted it. I have too much stuff. I technically have three locations that house my “crafty bits.” But first, a bit of back story so you can understand where I came from in all this mess and artsy chaos.

I am was a seamstress by trade for several years. I had several sewing machines, walls of thread spools, bolts of fabric in all textures and colors, irons, scissors, trims, patterns and whatever else is required for sewing. Then I bought an embroidery machine that required even more thread, stabilizers, hoops, designs…. you get the picture. Add into all this, my love for trying new craft ideas. Needless to say, I have A LOT of stuff and if you ever came to see me, I could outfit you for nearly any craft you wanted to try – and them some.

When I left my business (many years ago), I moved into an RV. We were going to travel and I wanted to craft on the road, but knew that half the year we’d be stationary. I purchased a cargo trailer (AKA- Craft hut) that housed my crafty collections. In this trailer hut, I had power, heat, a tv, a desk with my computer and a long table that housed 3 of my sewing machines (and embroidery machine). I had a cutting table that also served as an ironing surface. I had shelves that held my fabrics and other things required. It was and still is, an amazing space. Then I discovered the joy of paper-crafting and my world changed.

Life happened and I have moved away from my trailer. I still get to visit it from time to time, but I rarely have the time to sit and craft in my trailer. Now I craft at my dining room table. I have pretty much set sewing aside (for hire), because all things paper have consumed my life. My space now consists of a new Origami shelving unit , a few plastic totes, the drawer under my RV sofa, a cart with drawers (I bought mine at Michaels), and a Raskog cart from Ikea. My sewing machine is in my local heated storage unit.

I am rambling. My problem is that I hate clutter and my supplies have overrun my space. I cannot function in clutter. I am one of those who, after cleaning the whole kitchen, is inspired and ready to bake something in the shiny, clean space! My craft space is no different. When it’s tidy, I am creative and can work efficiently. When it’s in chaos or in my MIND it appears chaotic, I can’t create and my “mojo” is gone.

I want to blame COVID. The pandemic has been good for the craft places I shop at. It has not, however, been good for my space or my pocketbook! HA! However, in reality, it is ME. I am the reason it is all out of hand.

This series of blog posts will be about my journey in dealing with my personal issues (I.E. the need for a WHOLE collection, etc.) and the issues I am facing in my RV craft space. I plan to travel in the next few months, so I have to do these things:

  • Pare down my supplies (The rv can only carry so much weight).
  • Figure out why I need everything in a collection (markers, oxide inks, stamps, dies, etc.) and ADDRESS my internal issues.
  • Learn what to let go, what to keep, and a more effective way of storing those things.

Join me on my journey?

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I am a crafter by trade. I focus on Alterations, Design work and Paper Crafting. If you want it made or created, I can pretty much do it. If you want me to teach you, I can do that too. I love to create new things that pop into my head and I enjoy trying other's home-made patterns as well.

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