Am I good communicator?

I have been a storyteller all of my life. I have never had an issue embellishing stories (truth or tale). Just ask my momma! I have told stories orally, through a camera lens, in written word and now, through my art in card-making.

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It is my heart that through my work, the recipient knows what I am trying to convey. Am I accurately portraying compassion, humor, love, support, empathy, or sympathy? Does what I put in sentiment or in graphics really tell the card-bearer that I DO care about them?

I look forward to finding out.

Published by A papery World

I am a crafter by trade. I focus on Alterations, Design work and Paper Crafting. If you want it made or created, I can pretty much do it. If you want me to teach you, I can do that too. I love to create new things that pop into my head and I enjoy trying other's home-made patterns as well.

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